Consistent and Timely Communication Across Platforms

by Platform

Our school district must identify and implement better, consistent, and more timely methods of communication to all stakeholders.

Currently, our school district has many tools at its disposal to communicate information including phone calls, text messages, email notifications, NHCS websites and social media platforms. Our communication strategy must ensure that information communicated is done efficiently, effectively, and in a timely manner to ensure parents and teachers can adjust plans accordingly to support the academic programs for our students. All too often, information has been delayed in being transmitted and/or not received. This includes providing notification of school board and committee meetings and their associated agendas as required by NHCS policies.

With approximately 17% of our school district identified as Hispanic, we must expand our translation efforts for documents and meeting notifications to ensure this large demographic population is provided with the same information at the same time as the community as a whole. Providing this necessary service to our Hispanic families is essential to ensuring the academic progression and safety of their students is recognized and addressed.

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