Conversations with Josie Barnhart

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Listen to Josie’s latest podcast where she talks with Ruel Sample with the New Hanover GOP about the state of our schools.
Listen Here.
Excerpt Below: 
Welcome to the New Hanover GOP Podcast.
I am your host Reuel Sample.
Today, I talk with Josie Barnhart, candidate for the Board of Education.
We talk about a whole host of issues, and how Josie and the rest of the Republican candidates can restore quality education to our children through empowering parents and keeping teachers and staff accountable. You can find out more about Josie – and all of our candidates – by visiting the New Hanover County Republican page at have the answers to the challenges we face here in New Hanover country, our great state of North Carolina, and this wonderful nation of the United States.
Check us out today, and see what we can do for a brighter tomorrow. On behalf of Josie Barnhart, our Chairman Will Knecht, and the entire Republican party of New Hanover County – I am Reuel Sample.
Thank you for listening.

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The New Hanover County Board of Education election is very competitive this election cycle and she’ll need all the resources she can get. Please consider supporting her efforts to bring positive change to our public education system by donating to her campaign.