Transparency in Data Collection and Surveys

by Platform

Student survey sample from Orange County schoolsNHCS isn’t transparent about what or how information is gathered from our kids.

Parents need to be part of the decision-making process as it relates to collecting student data through surveys conducted in our classrooms as well as clearly identifying the purpose and objectives of these surveys. Buy-in from parent stakeholders only serves to increase transparency and strengthen the bond and relationship between our parents and our schools.

We have witnessed our school district openly performing data collection from our students without notifying parents about the purpose of these efforts and what this data will be used for. There has not been clarity or transparency surrounding what data was collected, what data is being shared and with whom, and no outreach to parents to inform them of this. Parents must be an integral part of this process and be provided the ability to opt out of these data collection surveys if they deem that to be in the best interest of their children BEFORE any data is collected and ultimately shared with third party organizations in partnership with our school district. 

This year, an ill defined “equity audit” was completed by Sophic Solutions who then provided recommendations to our school district on how best to provide “equitable solutions” for our students. The terms “equity” and “equitable” were never clearly defined and resulted in a continuation of a lack of transparency in what data was collected, how that data was analyzed, and if objective based recommendations were provided to NHCS as part of a program to solve or address previously identified issues faced by our schools and students. 

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