Our Current School Board is


See for yourself why we need a change on the Board 

I’m Ready to Be the Change

Like you, I care deeply about my children’s education. This is why I have been involved with the New Hanover County Board of Education over the past two years. I’ve attended long meetings, spoken up on issues like reopening schools, and had tough conversations with our board members, district leadership, and state legislatures. I did this because I want to change the direction.

Parents Over Politics

These two videos are just a glimpse into the dysfunction on our school board over the past four years. For too long certain school board members have put their personal egos over our students, parents, and teachers. I’m ready to put parents over politics, students over politics, and teachers over politics to course correct the direction of our school system.

But It Starts With You

I got into this race not because I wanted to start a political career. I have three children and very little free time. I answered a call to serve others. But our children’s future doesn’t change by one candidate or a group of elected officials. This change starts with you.

It starts with you seeing the dysfunction for yourself.

It starts with you going to vote.

It starts with you signing up for local committees.

It starts with you holding me, our candidates, and elected officials accountable for what we say and do.

Can I Count On You?