Expansion of Academic Pathways

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Expansion of Academic Pathways

Students are more likely to be successful when presented with a wide variety of opportunities. As a board member, I will work to expand academic pathways and streamline exposure to all students and families so they can make informed decisions for the right pathways for their students.

Early and consistent Exposure

All students should have early exposure to arts, CTE programs, high technology careers, foreign languages, and advanced courses/ AIG. These need to be incorporated at all levels of Elementary, Middle and High School such that students have the flexibility to try out different pathways in hopes families will find a fit that works for all students.

Pre-k 4

Schools should host family nights that inform parents of all the choice options for kindergarten in New Hanover County.
Clearly defined kindergarten options on website in both English and Spanish, video clips to show how to submit Choice options, along with different language subtitles.

3-5 Upper Elementary

Career and college fairs, in which students get to see tangible careers that require a wide variety of opportunities.
Create a list of businesses who are willing to come either in person or “zoom” into schools to talk and answer questions of students

5th grade

Middle School parent night informing parents of choice options and opportunities at NHCS schools.
Clear courses for CTE, arts, foreign, accelerated academics

6-8 grade

Include a variety of courses in which students have the flexibility to
Include field trips to highlight the arts, foreign language, CTE, high technology career, and AIG.
8th grade family night committed to sharing all choice options for high school including programs within specific high schools.

9-12 grade

Targeted courses with a variety of options for arts, CTE programs, high technology careers, foreign languages, and advanced courses/ AIG
12 grade has “signing day” highlighting colleges students are committing to
12 grade has “commitment day” highlighting career choices students have chosen for after schools
Create a program which NHCS students can complete/ pledge to complete that commits them to work back in the county for 2 years. This should be applicable for skilled labor work, teaching, and support staff positions.


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