The Fire Foust Formula

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If you live in New Hanover County, you’ve heard the name, Dr. Charles Foust. As a candidate for the New Hanover County School Board, I can wholeheartedly say that there must be a change in leadership for New Hanover County Schools. Parents will agree that our students have suffered the past few years. Some of the other Republicans on the school board ticket have blatantly said, “Fire Foust”. I have even been pressured to follow the same narrative and join the “Fire Foust” bandwagon.

Because I haven’t used this same language, two of my fellow candidates have chosen to label me as a “RINO,” among other names. Let me reiterate for the record, I agree that a change in leadership is needed if we can’t course-correct our leadership. However, there is a process and method to achieving a sustainable change, that sets a strong precedent, and is in the best interests of students, parents, and educators. As a former math teacher, I taught my students formulas to solve problems. In this case, I’d like to school my fellow board candidates on the best way to achieve leadership change.

The Fire Foust Formula

1. Leadership change can only be achieved with a Republican majority on the school board. One or two Conservatives on the Board of Education will not be enough to vote to remove Dr. Charles Foust. The only way we can achieve this majority is to focus on the general election, and what’s best for the families of New Hanover County. As a school board candidate, I have no authority to fire the superintendent before I’m elected to office. I value gathering all of the information so that I can make the best overall decision for our kids and staff. I also want to share all of the information with citizens so they can understand my thought process when making pivotal decisions. This is why I’ve chosen instead to focus on the issues and what I will do if elected. I don’t believe in making promises that I can’t deliver. My response to the “Bless Your Heart” Curriculum at the CFCC Town Hall

2. If I’m elected and we have a majority on the Board, I will work with my fellow Board members to put Foust on notice and implement a correction plan that, if not addressed, will mean the search for new leadership.

3. Public outrage is growing. When the Superintendent makes remarks with a “bless your heart” curriculum it’s no wonder people are upset. With the recent petition to remove Dr. Foust, the elected school board members will not be able to ignore that a course correction is needed. Here is the WWAY Article with the petition

Listen to the full Star-News interview with Dr. Foust:

4. Let’s remember that firing Dr. Foust will be expensive. We will have to pay out his contract with severance. So the price is too high for the taxpayers for us to take this decision lightly. That is why as a Board, not only do we need to do our due diligence as a board and put a corrective action plan in place, we need to ensure that we don’t make this costly mistake again. Listen to my comments on Dr. Foust during my interview with Nick Craig on April 29.

I tell you this because I want you to understand that while I want a leadership change, there is a correct formula and process that will set better precedence and will save us money in the long run. As your school board member, you can trust that I won’t make rash decisions without putting together an effective action plan.


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