Government Choice vs. Parental Choice

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Government Choice vs. Parental Choice

ACT NOW submit concerns by September 12, 2022.

The US Department of Education is currently utilizing Title IX to redefine biology under the cover of being more “inclusive”. We have replaced common sense equality with EDI and other Marxist buzzwords meant to dismantle accountability and transparency and give leftist groups more control of our children’s education.   

Growing up, I was told that you can love and accept someone while disagreeing with their beliefs. Unfortunately woke media and leftist organizations have told us that we can’t treat people equally and accept others unless we agree with their beliefs.  This is untrue.  This undermines our individual liberties and everything that makes our nation great. Instead, this mindset is creating an Orwellian and communist society, all in the name of EDI.   

Right now you HAVE to act if you want to even attempt to change and maintain a sense of normalcy for our children and future children.  Go to in great detail it has shown what the department of education is suggesting as well as sample letters so it is EASY TO submit a response in an attempt to stop this overstep in the federal government.  Follow this link to submit a comment on docket number 87 FR 41390 prior to Sept 12, 2022. 

I don’t care if you are a parent, grandparent, recent graduate, or community member.  Schools should not be able to make choices that parents should make with their children.  In the name of safety and the greater good, the government justified closures, stay-at-home orders, and medical mandates. Now that it worked during COVID, we see the government once again taking additional steps to force policies in our schools that affect the way our children think. This is dangerous to a free society. 

It has already started happening here in New Hanover County.  Should schools decide what “unsupportive” families look like?  What is deemed unsupportive?  It should never be teacher vs. parents but with government entities forcing the belief of gender identity on all individuals this will now require NO boundaries for our kids in sports, in restrooms, and in classrooms in how they are being addressed. The government has ignored parents’ opinions on this. Ultimately, the Department of Education should not be mandating these decisions. Schools are for academics, let’s keep it that way.

North Carolina High school Sports Association has had a plan in place for over 6 years now that has a process that allows trans kids an opportunity to participate in sports, but zero have utilized it in our area.  The purpose of why Title IX was created was at large to give females an opportunity to excel in sports, let’s continue to give them that chance. 

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