Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas from Josie BarnhardtI want to take a minute and share a small update about my campaign. On September 23, 2021 I formed a committee to start my journey to become a New Hanover County school board member in 2022. That day in September was the day I was fully and publicly committed to this calling. Since that time I have continued my engagements with my own school, as well as local officials both school board and beyond. I have been engaging because there needs to be a voice that openly sheds light on hard topics in our community as well as the effect our decisions cause on all parties involved, staff, kids, families and our community. I will continue to do that for OUR KIDS.

As you may have heard, on Dec 8, 2021 the North Carolina Supreme Court paused all candidate filing for all NC offices and moved the state primary election to May 17th. At this time dates for the new filing have not been set. When it does, I will be filing as a New Hanover School Board candidate.

This week, while I wait for candidate filing to reopen, I want to share my joy with you as I continue to grow my campaign. What I would love for you all to do is: have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays with your friends and family!

Please share with your friends to join my campaign by signing up to volunteer on my website, I will announce some public events after the holidays!

Thank you for those already part of my campaign journey!

Josie Barnhart

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