Clear District Implementation of State Requirements

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New Hanover school requirements needs consistencyThe New Hanover County school district needs to be able to provide a clear and articulate summary of the state’s grade level requirements and expectations and demonstrate how local policies and programs meet and exceed these requirements. Our community will have more insight into how our school district is serving the needs of all students and provide for better accountability among all of our stakeholders.

Over the last year and a half, NCDPI has promulgated many changes to the educational requirements that local school districts must follow and integrate into their policies and ultimately our schools. Our school board and administrators must in turn ensure that each and every one of our schools is implementing consistent policies, procedures, and curricula that follow state guidance and requirements that our district approves.

Students should be able to transfer between schools without experiencing any discrepancies in what standards are expected they must attain to remain on the path towards academic excellence. Our school district needs to be transparent and clear as they define and implement curriculum requirements and expected outcomes which will provide parents and our teachers with the consistency of our academic programs that our children deserve and in turn maintain accountability with our community. This could be done with a curriculum library webpage.

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