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My role as a Board Member in New Hanover County

My oldest child, Zoe, is 6. Currently, she wants to be an artist, scientist, paleontologist and on Saturdays work at the Blue Bell ice cream factory. I asked her to help me design this hat so I could wear it when I am on the campaign trail and remind myself why I embarked on this journey to become a school board member. This is going to serve as a visual reminder for me to ensure my conversations revolve around the impact I can make for our kids’ educational future.

I decided to run for a seat on the board of education, because as a parent I will do everything in my power to help better my children’s future, while also doing the same for all of our public school children. Having substantive and meaningful conversations about how best to help shape the future of our public education is one way I intend to accomplish this.

Refocus New Hanover County Schools

My focus is genuinely on our kids and school staff. Together we will make a difference raising our next generation of leaders. Working together with other board members and staff, I will ensure ALL kids reach their full potential, and our public education system is poised to achieve academic excellence for everyone. I will remain focused on ALL kids and identify opportunities that will result in effective and responsible changes to our public school academic programs across the spectrum of the demographics of our kids regardless of their zip code.

If you see me out and about in the community, please introduce yourself so I can work to support you and all children — look for me wearing my hat.

We’re in this together.

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