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Why vote for Josephine BarnhartIn November 2022 you will have the option to fill four seats of our New Hanover County School Board of Education. Three questions come to my mind:

Why would I, Josie Barnhart, be a good fit in comparison to our other candidates?

I stepped up and into this campaign with zero knowledge of the political realm while being actively involved in our local and district level school inner workings. I am not stepping into this role as a building block for my political career, but rather as a pillar for our teachers and students. Those who know me personally know that I have always been about kids. Prior to my role as a stay at home mom I was teaching, tutoring, volunteering and coaching with kids. I have every desire to be elected because of THEM. I was called to run to provide a level headed, well rounded option without a political end-game, for the sake of our kids.

What makes me different?

I have a unique perspective. I am currently a mom of three young kids and a former teacher who has experience teaching in two states and a virtual setting realm. I have helped create curriculum and test making content along with proctoring math competitions and providing creative Saturday school agendas that engaged struggling students and accelerated their knowledge. I value differences in children. We are not all the same, neither are our kids. Knowing how to reach many types of kids and families is what sets you apart as an educator. I will help bring the parent desire and teacher perspective to the forefront of conversations and decisions.

Does it really matter who wins?

Yes! This is a four year election term. Meaning I will be responsible for the entire length of a student’s high school cycle. For those parents with pre-k students, those elected in 2022 will be making decisions well into their elementary years. In my engagement with the board and local schools this last year and a half I have seen the disconnect between the hopeful ideas and the poor implementation for our county. As a board addressing this is paramount.
A vote for Josie Barnhart is a vote for academically differentiated, student centered decisions.

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